Thursday, July 19, 2012

Impossible Sora and the End of the Universe

In one of my first posts, I casually posited that if the upcoming movie, "Wreck-It Ralph", included references to "Kingdom Hearts" or "Tron", it could effectively shatter existence.

Well, it would appear that Tron just might make an appearance in some fashion. So what does that mean?

First, let's explain the core mechanic at play in "Wreck-It Ralph". The idea is that video game characters have lives outside of their "day jobs" and they go to their respective games through a sort of transport hub that's strictly regulated. The titular character somehow gets through this security during his existential crisis and starts game-jumping, causing him to disappear from his video game and reappear in the real world. It is not clear if he is able to jump to any other game in existence or just other games within the arcade. We probably won't find out until the movie comes out. But let's say for the sake of argument that he could jump into any game anywhere.

As we all know, "Tron" was an old movie Disney made back when they were trying to capture a niche sci-fi audience in the wake of "Star Wars". This tactic didn't really work out, but the movie inspired a few video games that were very popular, including a game of the same name that was centered around the light-cycle game from the movie. In the recent sequel, "Tron: Legacy", this arcade game made an appearance within the universe, making the game itself canonical.

Finally, we have "Kingdom Hearts", a game in which a character named Sora and his allies fly around going to other Worlds inhabited by several Disney and Square-Enix characters. In "Kingdom Hearts II", one of these Worlds was Space Paranoids, the setting for the first "Tron" movie.

Now, I know what you might be thinking. Space Paranoids is separate from the "Tron" arcade game since it came before it. In all likelihood, if a Tron-related arcade game were to make an appearance in "Wreck-It Ralph", it would probably be "Tron", not "Space Paranoids", and "Tron" has yet to make an appearance in "Kingdom Hearts".

Well, you would be right. However, in the upcoming "Kingdom Hearts 3D", we will be going to The Grid, the world featured in "Tron: Legacy", which was made after the "Tron" arcade game and also appears to include the game itself. This also implies that Sora is able to traverse any of the computer worlds within the "Tron" universe. In other words, Sora is able to enter the video game "Tron".

What makes Tron World unique in "Kingdom Hearts" is that while there are other video game characters in the games (see all of the "Final Fantasy" characters), Tron World is the only one that is canonically a video game. It is a video game in the movie, it is a video game in real life, and it is a video game in "Kingdom Hearts". This means it bridges the gap between all known universes.

So if Wreck-It Ralph is able to game-jump into "Tron", whose to say Sora couldn't game-jump as well? Like, say, into the real-world version of his own game?

There's two ways to think about this. One: Sora the video game character is able to jump out of "Kingdom Hearts" and into any other video game, which theoretically would include "Tron". Two: In-character Sora is able to traverse into "Tron" as per normal in-character means.

With all this in mind, here is how Sora could destroy the Disney/Square-Enix Universe.

In a "Kingdom Hearts" game, Sora goes to Tron World. He then game-jumps into a copy of "Kingdom Hearts". Within that copy of "Kingdom Hearts", he takes that game's version of Sora with him to Tron World where he repeats the process, creating an infinite number of Soras. Then all of those Soras game-jump into the video game "Tron", where they then traverse to Kingdom Hearts World, which is canonically connected to "Tron" the video game.

Sora has then at once left his own video game entirely, but returned to the World from the video game. He is both in the video game and not in the video game. His presence defies all logic. He has become Impossible Sora.

This infinite army of Impossible Soras then spread out to all the infinite Worlds of the Disney/Square-Enix Universe, unraveling the very fabric of existence and destroying it.