Thursday, September 13, 2012

"Glee" is Over

The season premiere of "Glee" was tonight.

My thoughts?

Strike three.

That episode was HORRIBLE. Predictable, shallow, pointless, annoying, soulless, boring... it was awful.

And I've been a "Glee" apologist for the past two years.

I don't even know where to BEGIN... It was so bad.

Every character is either a self-centered asshole or the writers are trying WAY too hard to make them appealing. Like the new "Rachel"? I can't even remember her name she was so bland. Yes, she sang really well, but she was just so gosh-darned twee and perfect that I couldn't STAND her.

It's official. The creators forgot what made this show work.

The thing is, the show has always had this cheesy, stupid, predictable element about it, but what made it work was that whenever you thought you knew where it was going, it took a sharp left turn. Like Rachel for example. We first meet her and we INSTANTLY hate her. She's that annoying, pretentious theater girl we all knew in high school. But then, by the end of her first song, we feel like shit for hating her because the show knew how to be FUCKING SUBTLE. She's singing her heart out and everyone hates her but she's still doing it anyway. How can you not want to cheer that on? Or with Puckerman. At first he's the random-ass bully. Then we find out he knocked up Quinn. Makes sense. Easy character to hate. But THEN he says that he doesn't want to be a deadbeat and that he wants to take responsibility for the kid. Wait, WHAT? Holy fuck, suddenly you like that character.

The show has always been about digging underneath the masks the characters put up for themselves to get at something truthful. That's what we could relate to.

But now... now it doesn't even care. It has nothing left to say so it's just treading water and occasionally being preachy.

I went into this episode telling myself that if it sucked, I would give up. But you know what? It sucked. It sucked harder than I feared it would. And even THEN I was thinking to myself, "Well, maybe next week will be better."

Even then I was ready to give the show another chance.

And then I saw the teaser for next week's episode.

Another Britney Spears tribute episode.







OK, "Glee". I get the message. You want me to stop watching. You've made your point abundantly clear.

The only thing that will EVER get me to watch another episode of "Glee" is if I hear they make an episode that focuses on the Jazz Band, because I've wanted an episode about those unsung heroes since the beginning. But considering how this show doesn't even know how to treat its oldest characters with any sort of respect or consistency, I highly doubt they would care enough to write something that creative.

I'm done. And I imagine I won't be the only one.

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